How to get my vacuum to see these two obvious doorways

Otherwise my entire living/kitchen dining area is one giant thing. It found the bathroom without issue.

The trick is to shut one of the two doors (but not both!). It should map correctly then. Obviously this is not ideal, but it worked for me, and for others (if you look around)

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Hmm… so I’d have to rescan?
Why did it see the bathroom so well?

So it is not letting you split where you put the red lines?

Nope. It doesn’t seem to understand the middle wall

The algorithm they use seems to mark all fully-enclosed spaces as “inner”. You have a full loop around, which means the robot thinks everything inside is a moveable obstacle, like a couch. If you close a door, it can’t complete the loop, and thus will instead decide that there must be un-navigable space in the middle instead.

Your bathroom isn’t a loop (only one door).