Receiving push notifications for 1 camera even though off in settings

I noticed I’m still receiving push notifications for one camera even though I have it turned off in the setting. It is a wyzecam v1 camera that is being shared with me (I’m not the owner). I have the latest wyzecam app v2.1.31. I noticed this other user has a similar issue but it’s related to the shortcuts for home/away not turning off the push notifications properly. However, no one responded to that user. Receiving Push Notification After Turning the Feature Off

Should I just put in a ticket?

The camera-level push notification switch setting is stored server-side for each camera. If the camera’s owner turns it on after you turn it off, it will become on again for you. This is probably what’s happening.

If the owner wants them on, the only way for you not to receive them is to turn off notifications globally in your account (bell icon).

You may want to hop over and vote for this topic (be sure to click the VOTE button at the top):

@Loki thanks for the possible explanation. I know this is not the case though because the user that is sharing the wyzecam with me does not even use it. He doesn’t change the push notifications settings at all. I even asked him. He definitely doesn’t have push notifications setting on.

That’s a bit confusing. If he doesn’t have the push switch on, then it should be showing as off for you. Are you saying you are receiving the notifications even though the switch is and has been and remains off as displayed in the app? If that’s the case, then yes, I think a support request is in order.

I’m pretty sure he has his set push notifications set to off because he doesn’t use it. Maybe it’s because he has a really old version of the app? However, if he sets his push notifications to on but I set mine too off then I should not get push notifications unless he keeps toggling back and forth like you mentioned earlier right?

Right. Whoever last changed the per-camera push notification control setting is what will stick for both of you. If you both change at about the same moment, who knows.

I doubt it has anything to do with app version, but you might want to try to get him to update to the current. Another suggestion would be to have him just delete the app (for now) in case there’s something odd going on with his copy. He can always install the current version later.

So if I last set the push notifications to on then the actual owner of the camera will get notifications as well even if he doesn’t want them? That seems a bit odd.

Yes, correct, unless the camera owner disables push notifications account-wide (bell icon) or via his phone’s OS settings. If he doesn’t need notifications for other cameras on his account, then that would be the easiest solution.

Per-camera push notifications are either on or off for each camera for all users of that camera. That’s why you should vote for the #roadmap topic I linked above.

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Thanks! I guess it doesn’t explain why if the owner has the push notifications set to off, I can still receive push notifications as well even though on my per camera setting is set to off as well.

As I said above, if the per-camera push notification switch is off in both of your apps, and you are still getting notifications, then that’s something you’ll need to put in a support request for.

Thanks I will submit a ticket.

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