Phone/Device Dependent Settings

My wife and I both use the WyzeCam app to access the cameras in our house. However, we’ve noticed that if we alter app settings in one of our phones, it actually changes it in both. For instance, my wife does not want motion detection push notifications, but I do. However, when she turns it off on her phone, it turns it off for mine too. This tells me it is an account setting and not a device specific setting. Is anyone else experiencing the same issue, or is it just us?

For some settings (for example, motion detection alert enabling) it makes sense that they are reflected in all instances of the app logged into the account. This is because these are camera-level settings stored in the camera.

However, for the master push notification switch, I’m not sure why they made this an account-level settings instead of device-level. I do confirm that it works that way.

That said, the simple solution would be rather than turning off push notifications within the Wyze app, use the phone’s settings to disable push notifications by the Wyze app.

Another option would be to have your wife set up her own account and then you share the camera(s) with her.

Thanks for the response and the clarification. Those are both great suggestions. I’ll look into employing one (or both) of them.