Reboot Thermostat In App

Currently no option to force a reboot of the thermostat within the app. This is useful if trying to force an IP change remotely.

Not a bad idea. In the meantime restarting your router remotely should have the same effect.

I also had an issue with the thermostat display getting garfed… the backlight would come on with motion detection, but the temp wouldn’t display, and the app at one point said it had lost contact with the thermostat (while I was trying to find where in the app to reboot the thermostat), but reconnected. I finally just pulled the thermostat off the wall and plugged it in again, and all was fine. However, if I had been out of town when this occurred… not sure if the heat/ac functionality was still working.

Would be nice to power cycle the thermostat when it loses wifi without having to flip a breaker. Everytime I have to do it I have to shut down an entire room.

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