Reattach to Access Point / WiFi

it sure would be nice to have the cameras automatically try and reattach to the known access point or Wi-Fi if there is ever a power outage so that you don’t have to power cycle the cameras. If they could do a refresh every 5 minutes or so to make sure it has a connection

Hello @CaptainKokanee and welcome to the community.

The cameras should reconnect after a power outage, mine will usually reconnect a few minutes after the internet comes back online.


Yeah, I’m not seeing that at all on my 5 cameras. My BlinkXT2 system came up quickly.
But not my Wyse. Sad face

If the power goes out your cameras reboot too.
It does take 5 minutes or more for them to reconnect.

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when I first got my cameras I thought it would be quicker, but you end up adapting to it.

and if they don’t connect they keep trying. I’m not sure on the number of times they will try of if it is indefinite. if they area connected after ( in the extreme) 15 minutes, I would do a power cycle on them.

I have problems with the cameras disconnecting with or without a power outage. I use my Wyze Plugs with the cameras so I can power cycle the cams remotely. Strangely, the plugs don’t seem to have the same problems the cameras have.