Short internet outage

Purchased camera last week…1 mounted to garage ceiling .
Lost internet this AM for a few minutes, roadside outage. I expected camera to come back online with network… they did not …I’m I gonna have to reconnect… if so…major issue when I’m away…
Please advise solution …
Thank you.

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Unplug, and plug back in? Power cycle should work, shouldn’t need to re setup.

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Probably not what you want to hear, but buy a smart plug. I have a Kasa TP-Link connected to my some of my cams. They’re pretty reliable when it comes to reconnecting after outages.

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Did that. Camera recycled but none of the cameras would not reconnect to router.

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Have you tried leaving the cameras in the “on” state… And then re-boot the network modem (DSL / Cable modem box)?

If I unplugged cam…waiting 1 minute and plugged back in…resetting the camera
( camera did not reconnect to WiFi ) …how would a smart plug help ?


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You said, “when I’m away”, so, the only option if they dont reconnect “if you’re away” is to try a power cycle. You never said in the OP that you already tried to disconnect power.

Tried unplugging power to router with cameras on…
Waited 5 mins and replugged router…cameras reconnected no problem

Will also get some smart plugs and keep my fingers crossed …

But definitely leave with cameras on when going away.:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: