Do wyze cams suffer from power

I purchased some of the Wyze Cam V2 and love them if the power goes out , they remember to reconnect when power comes back on …
but do the Wyze Cam Pan located here do the same ? Will they remember to boot up and log in like the other do or do I have to do a setup over again ?

Yes. They should attempt to automatically reconnect to the network they are setup on.

However, if your router / WiFi combination takes longer to boot up then the cameras, the cameras may time out on the connection attempt and need to be power cycled again.


I have 2 Pans and they both usually reconnect just fine. They don’t always remember the spot they were pointing, but yes, they reconnect just fine.

And “Usually” is an important word.
My 3 Pans and 24 V2’s seem to react about the same with respect to a power outage, I’ve got them at two sites plus “floaters”.
Both sites are subject to infrequent power outages usually only lasting a few minute to an hour, but twice since April lasting for 6 or more hours. All but once all cams came back on line. That once, last summer, I had just updated all the cams at that site with new Beta firmware. BAD move on my part. We had a power outage and I eventually had unplug them all and plug them back in. Has not happened since.
Which I am very glad for because the sites are about 820 miles apart.
When it happened that once I was almost ready to try another brand.