Cameras Requiring Hard Reset, Plug, unplug to get working

In the last week or so I’ve been getting a lot of cameras dropping and requiring me to unplug them to get them working again. It seems the cameras might not be reconnecting after wifi is dropped momentarily. This was never an issue in the past. I have 12 cameras including PTZ and fixed and it’s happening to both.

I have seen the same issue on some of my cams in the past. If they lose the WiFi signal and can’t reconnect within a certain time frame it seems like they don’t retry. A workaround some people have used is to connect the Wyze cams to a Wyze Plug or other smart plug so you can power them off and back on remotely.

However, if the real issue is poor WiFi signal quality (as it was for me) then you would be better served by improving your WiFi network coverage since even the smart plugs may drop the WiFi connection. I added 2 wireless access points at either end of my house to expand coverage, and I replaced my primary router with a long-range access point. Since doing that I haven’t had any issues with WiFi dropping, disconnected streams, or failure to connect to the cameras.

It’s also worth mentioning that some routers have definite limits on how many devices can connect at any given time. If you have a large number of devices (sometimes as few as 20) you could potentially hit that limit and some devices could be unable to reconnect.

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