Reappearance of dead Outdoor Cam!?!?!?

I don’t believe this, but I guess I have to since I am looking right at it! One of the original Outdoor Cams I bought at least 30 months ago died a slow death last Fall. It was way out in the back 40 running off a solar charger for at least two years and served well, until it didn’t. Over about a week it went dead, showing about 10-20% degradation in charge each day. I dragged a ladder through the woods and checked to make sure that the solar panel connection was still good – it was. So I took the camera down and brought it inside to do all the usual. Tried charging with the original cable tried plugging it in to the base station all that stuff. Over a day or two it went completely dead and I figured the battery had simply bought the farm. I left it plugged in for about a week tried cycling it on and off, etc. nothing - no lights, the pairing button did nothing … Yesterday I’m sitting on the couch watching TV in the evening and I get a notice from that camera!. Came in soon as I tapped on it and I got a picture of the closet I have thrown it in. Battery reads 100%! (I figured I’d take it apart some day and see if I could replace the battery.) Beats the heck out of me! But I’m glad to have that old camera back. So far it seems to be holding a charge nearly as well as it ever did. I have no idea what the moral of the story is other than – never throw an old piece of tech away I guess. Not sure if it changed my wife’s point of view on that though.


May be that the old battery was not handling the winter temps very well, and once it warmed up to room temperature, it worked better.


I had something similar happen to a cell phone. It had gone swimming in my aunts toilet, and we tried to dry it out but after week it still wouldn’t work. I bought a new phone and stuck the dead one in the closet in my e-recycling box. Cut to a year later and my replacement phone screen started going out. I went to the closet to pull an older phone that I knew worked out just to get by until I could get it replaced in warranty. Saw the swimmer, had forgotten about it, mused that it’d be funny if it worked. Went to turn it on… And it worked. Nicknamed it Frankenphone. Gifted the warranty replaced phone to my then boyfriend (now husband).

Frankenphone worked for 2 months before starting to glitch out (phantom taps - lots of them). It was also under warranty. So, I turned it in. Replaced it with no issues. The water sensor tag hadn’t registered water damage, so the warranty applied. :woman_shrugging:t2: Go figure.

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Christmas Miracle. Or maybe New Year’s Miracle.

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This is the best part of the whole story.


Same here , I have a few v3’s that bricked on me and I never got rid of em. One of them ended up working later on and I’m using it rn