Lost Outdoor cam, any ideas on how to find?

Huge bummer. Somehow one of my outdoor cams is gone from its base. I’m thinking it was a squirrel that knocked it down although this has never happened before and there are always squirrels around. If it did fall it is likely down a steep hill that is difficult for humans to navigate. I tried to connect to it and couldnt except for a very brief moment that showed nothing but white. It has an sd card in it. The last movement is the usual view, nothing showing what might have happened. Could I unplug the base station and plug back in closer to the treacherous hillside to make a connection? Or would that make things worse? I’m also wondering if someone took it down which is possible. I’m super bummed but thought maybe someone had a bright idea on how to figure out it’s location. It has 39% battery left! :smile:

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Sorry to hear about your situation. I would try to do whatever I could to regain connectivity. Then, I would have someone speak through the app/camera in a repetitive manner while I walked around listening for the voice coming from the speaker on the camera. Good luck!


@FastHackem has some good tips, try those!
For future mounting, I’d suggest you use the tripod screw on the bottom of the camera for more secure mounting.


If you can reconnect to it and still cannot find it you could maybe wait till dark, grab your other outdoor cam, switch off the IR on the camera in your hand and see if you can see the IR emitted by the lost cam.


I actually tried doing that but with no luck. I lose connection to it almost as soon as I get connection. Thank you for the suggestion! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s a great idea! Thank you!

I think I will save the battery for now and buy some rope tomorrow so my son can go look for it while tied to a tree. Should be a fun time in the dark if searching in daytime doesn’t work out.


To get the lost camera to trigger its IR you still need to connect to it to trigger live stream or somehow get a heat source to wake it up. Good luck!


My son found it!

The outdoor cameras never really alert motion that well but I kept checking the live view now and then. In one instance (when we were able to connect) the leaves that were blocking the lens moved and we were able to see that it was near a tree trunk and a brick. Clues! We tied a rope to a tree and my son went down and actually found it. What an exciting thing :smile:

Thanks for the ideas on how to find it, I’m sure it will help someone else who has this problem.


I feel like we need some reference pictures for this rescue mission :slightly_smiling_face:

Excellent Sleuthing @shinymama! :face_with_monocle:
Good you two found the Outdoor Camera and solved the mystery. :maple_leaf: :evergreen_tree: :camera: :trophy:

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Great work! Congratulations on finding your lost cam!