Missing camera in a 10 minute time span

Hello. I was using a V 2 Wyze camera outdoors where there is a lot of birds and squirrels I feed.
This is a side lot in South St. Louis so it also functions as a security camera. About 7 am I went out to the yard to toss the morning meal out and my camera had been bit off or cut off and is still missing. This was still plugged into the outdoors outlet nearby. Not sure if the fuse was thrown I can still check that out.
Also the front gate was open but the wind sometimes pushes it open.
I have two theories. A squirrel bit it off and carried it away somewhere. A thief had just entered the yard before I got there by a few minutes, saw the camera, cut the cord and ran out the gate with the camera.
I checked the footage but no sign of anyone but the timeout period probably blocked it out.

What do you think happened? Why didn’t anyone get shocked?


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Very strange, why would a thief cut the cord when he can just unplug it?
And no one was shocked because that power supply is only 5v 2amp at best. Definitely not going to harm anyone.

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Thanks for your reply!!

I still have not found the camera.

I am going to install another one in a more secure cage.

Take care,

Yeah the critter theory makes the most sense. Even if a human thief were yanking on it he or she would have gotten it unplugged from one end or the other before severing or tearing the cable like that. Where was the camera sitting before the loss?

Unless the used a knife and cut it not realizing it unplugged.
Hey OP was this a clean cut?


Every one of my outside cams have a window cam watching them. Works fairly well so far. They would have to bust my window out to get them. I try to arrange them where the maximum area is covered while being redundant and needing a ladder to reach. Unless your 7ft tall. Lol

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The camera was as is in the photo attached to this posting.
(On ground level)


The cut itself was relatively clean cut and not all chewed up like an animal would do.
But that cord is rather thin and squirrels have sharp teeth.


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Makes me think someone was in your yard.

Either way, be sure you don’t remove/delete the camera from your application. If you do, assuming it was a human thief and not an animal, the thief will be able to download the app and use the camera.

In other words, as long as you keep the camera in your app, nobody else will be able to active the camera on a different WYZE account.

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Okay thanks - sounds like good advice!!


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That is incorrect (unless it has changed). Anyone with physical possesion of the camera can install it on another account, and there is nothing you can do to prevent that.

I also have multiple cameras with overlapping coverage, and cameras able to see each other.

Hmm, that’s certainly not the way it was advertised when I bought my first camera back in 2017. I suspect I am correct because each camera has a unique MAC address. WYZE can easily tell if that MAC address is already in use or not during the activation process. If the MAC is tied to another account already…WONK…your cam cannot be activated.

Maybe I’m wrong? (It wouldn’t be the first time.) Let’s get it settled from an employee.

@WyzeGwendolyn - am I right?


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I know for absolute fact that you are wrong (unless it has been changed). My son, not understanding camera sharing, re-setup several of my cameras (rather than me sharing them with him). They became gone from my account - with no notice at all to me. I just noticed that they had disappeared. Found out from the son what he did, and sure enough they were on his account. So I re-did the setup once again to put them back on my account, and they disappeared from his and were back on my account.
My son’s Wyze account and mine have no relationship to each other, and as it turns out, he had affiliated the cameras with a different SSID that I did (I have a dedicated SSID just for IoT devices). This occurred something around a year and a half ago.


first let me preface this…not an employee here, but I’m hoping maven ( or even moderator) input might suffice as Gwendolyn has been extremely busy as of late, although your tag will still be seen and more than likely replied too still ( eventually)

unless something has greatly changed in the very recent history you @Known1 are both correct and incorrect on different factors. lets start with the correct part,

each camera does have the unique mac address and is effectively “traceable” although in the past is has not been something Wyze has put into practice…YET…( a little cliff hanger for later in my diabtribe :wink:)

now the incorrect part,
the camera is not “locked” to an account and can therefore be re-activated if it were to be stolen. at the point it is reactivated as @K6CCC experienced, you lose your access to what that camera “had” such as cloud clips. this is a reason that if you ever have a camera stolen, as soon as possible download all relevant clips you can because as soon/if it is reactivated under a different account you lose them all.

one of our wonderful moderators @loki was kind enough to make a #wishlist topic for such an “issue” and it is currently marked as researching. to my knowledge, it has not been put into practice yet though.

lock camera to account wishlist topic

I would suggest popping over and throwing your vote in :slight_smile:

hopefully that gives some small insight to the current setup and thank you both as I hadn’t visited that wishlist topic in quite some time ( it is a couple years old now) and I was unaware it was finally in the researching phase.


I don’t want to add to misinformation but I have read on this forum that:

a. The “lose your clips when camera is re-registered” was fixed and is no longer a problem, and

b. The WyzeCam Outdoor is an exception to the general rule and already does have the supposed “antitheft” lockout feature.

Personally I think it’s kind of dumb and causes more trouble than it’s worth.

Thanks for your clarification. I have up-voted the wishlist item.

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now that I think of it, I do remember reading a little about that, but I have not tried it myself so I’m hesitant to claim it from experience. :slight_smile: thanks for pointing that out though, I never think of the WCO, out of sight, ( literally) out of mind I guess.

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Interesting,I have resident fox. He ran down driveway and poof he disappeared. Nothing else happened. The balance of the clip was gone as was fox…tried couple things but data gone.

Without the sd card recording function who knows what may have happened.
At least you still have the camera.
Thanks for the reply.