Really bad business

I’m really starting to hate the company. Telling us that you’re releasing products that we want, and watching months and months pass by but that product doesn’t get released. Instead, Wyze keeps telling us about newer and newer products while we sit patiently and wait for the first item they promised to be fulfilled. I totally get how you want to measure the communities reaction before investing in a product that fails upon release, but to continuously make the very people who helped you build the company is a slap in the face. You’re obviously more concerned about profits than pleasing your customers.

I just find it extremely offensive, as a customer, that Wyze teases us all for the sake of profits. I cant find the right words right now, but exploiting capitalism at the customers expense has lead to the public to hate big companies. I’m nearly there with Wyze. @WyzeGwendolyn , how many more products are you going to release before you actually fulfil your promise of a watch? Already I can think of the colored light bulb, the remote controlled cars, the vacuum, floor lamp, and I’m not sure if the home monitoring system and outdoor plug came before or after you promised us a watch…but clearly you’re a company-centric organization rather than being customer-centric. So how many more items will you release and promise before you actually fulfill you’re previous promises?


You mentioned that you’re having issues with the watch. Is there anything the community can help with?

“HeatM1ser” Your not missing much on the watch(1 week on wrist). It a Beta piece and work in progress. Better off using a Timex.

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What has been promised that you are still waiting for? What issues are you having with the watch or is it that you have not received your watch or that the watch is out of stock?

Trying to understand. As a community member, we try to assist the best we can.

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Well, for one, I think I remember being told in January that they were shipping the pre-orders in March and allowing new orders to be placed in April. Since then, Ive seen like 6-8 other new products introduced as a limited pre-order, but no mention of the watch in any of the email newsletters.

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Ok - So I got mine mid last month, I ordered the day it went on sale as a Backer Item. I see it is on their site, but it is out of stock. MicroCenter also is selling them, but my MiroCenter is sold out as well. I am sure they will be back in stock, but I do understand the frustration. I was waiting for the doorbell to become available, but ended up getting it from Home Depot, as an added bonus, it came with 1 year of CamPlus.

I order a lot of technology items, as I am in the IT field. I am experiencing order delays and product availability issues from other companies and vendors as well. This is not an excuse and something which needs to be resolved.

Right there with you! Ordered the 47mm watch…paid for it, haven’t received it. They ignore my complaints and don’t give me a straight answer on when I will get the product I paid for. Very disappointed!!!

You hit the nail on the head! Wyze is all about profit now. They release products and software that has issues and don’t want to invest enough into fixing them, instead they focus more on developing new products. They started out as a great company, very customer based. But now they’ve become like every other greed based company.

I even tagged her and she blatantly ignored it, yet had no problem feeding lies to me back in January. Now she’s being confronted, and hides. Unless, of course, she has been on vacation for the last 8 days. Clearly, Wyze will say anything if it’ll make them an extra penny—even at their customers expense. Since this post has been getting comments every few days, I know it keeps getting bumped to the top and that the thread is being ignored on purpose.

I’ll never support Wyze again. I expect companies to do what they say, and say what they do. Very simple. And stop [Mod Edit] on the very people who are making you successful! I want the watch for one reason: I have a rare lung disease and the oxygen sensor could predict potential tragedy. Please, tell me now if you know of a company that puts out a similar watch…I’ll buy it in a heartbeat and never give Wyze another penny. Thats what you have to do with companies that become abusive to their customers once they start to grow big. Wyze isnt going to do anything until their pockets actually take a hit.

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Fortunately, there is still the FTC and the Consumer Protection Bureau to file complaints against the company. The more grievances that are filed, the more likely Wyze will stop screwing us and start respecting us. They’re still gonna get rich, so why punish the very people making you rich?

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Not to mention that Wyze’s AI is completely broken. Within the last month it has been labeling recorded videos of people walking with dogs or baby carts as vehicles. Why do they keep releasing software that isn’t finished? It’s funny how they do their in house testing, then do a special customer beta testing group and yet still release software (and hardware), that’s not finished. Wyze needs to stop making new products and fix what’s broken with their current products, and hire competent customer service staff!

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@WyzeGwendolyn has done a really good job of ghosting!!

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This is primarily a user forum. This forum is not monitored by Wyze. Occasionally Wyze employees will post updates on specific products, features or issues.

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Wyze needs to FOCUS on a Product segment before venturing out to what is currently offered. Way too much going on. HELLO WYZE…anyone listing???

I can see why that would be frustrating. I’m actually enjoying the ride…seeing the company go through growing pains, and come up with some hits and some misses, but on the whole, accomplishing a ton! Just the software that they’re able to produce is quite impressive, especially given the low price point of most of their products.

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The KIA of brands? I been through the Internet Bubble and seen many of startups Fail or be Purchased. Wyze needs to focus on a Product segment…the customer base…as to what people on commenting on in frustration of software will get back to the Press.

They dont make their products though, just the software. They outsource production to Xiamoai or however its spelled.

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