Real time monitoring outside of wifi range?

Is there any way I can do this?

If you view your cameras on your cell phone, you can be anywhere where there’s a cell signal.

Well, I do view them on my phone, but do I have to set the device to send through cell instead of wifi, or does it do that automatically?

It’s automatic no need to do anything special.

Does it take data? Is so, about how many cellphone minutes does it take?

It uses mobile data but not your minutes. The amount of data it uses is usually very low but if you are on a capped plan definitely keep an eye on it.

@mczonie, if you’re curious, Wyze has excellent support pages for the cameras, too. :slight_smile:


@mczonie, if outside WiFi range, cameras are not able to be used for “real time monitoring”.
That said, there is nothing preventing you from creating your own WiFi network and connect the Wyze to that network. I helped a friend to use an LTE connected iPad and use the hotspot/AP generated there to then connect the cameras. Worked fairly well, even though VZW’s QoS was far from excellent there.
Or you can just use one of many "MiFi “pucks” (mobile wifi) and connect cameras to one of them.

But there are no free lunches. You will require a subscription to a service provider (preferably an LTE connection) in order to have your iPad or MiFi to work (supporting the cameras).