Innovative usage model if someone is interested

WYZE (as most cameras, part from the wired ones recording locally) requires a WiFi network and internet access. But what do you do if it simply isn’t available?

That was the case for a remote friend in California. She had her mare in a stable and stable owner would not grant access to the local WiFi network. Mare was also about to foal so it was needed to keep an eye on her. I hinted about WYZE and that I could advice also how to get around the limitation when it came to access.

My suggestion was to use a LTE MiFi “puck” and have that one generate a local WiFi network, and use LTE for “backhaul”, or connectivity to the internet. She wasn’t too eager to spend money on buying a MiFi, nor getting one tied up to a carrier. The solution was eventually very simple: Use and old (LTE capable) iPad!
The iPad creates the local WiFi network for the WYZE and connects “home” via VZW’s LTE network. LTE coverage is far from ideal in that location, but the setup has been up and running now for well over a month.
It can take a few connection attempts before you reach the camera, video can stutter a little bit (can come in bursts of 2-3 seconds at a time when watching live), but in cases where you need monitoring and there is no network to be had, a “self-generated” like this one fulfills most all needs - unless you want to watch live 24/7 in HD.

Doing this, but it fails badly when the high speed connection drys up, 2G ‘G’ (128kb/s) speeds, gets to 3/3 and sits there, then retries on timeout. Alfred cameras (wifi-connected phone as camera on same Mifi network) continue to function and provide stutter free live feeds.