Re-pair my wyze color bulb

Hello. I initially had my Wyze color bulb. Software updated and now the bulb is stuck on red. Giving a hard time to be reprogrammed. Help me plz.

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Since it is stuck on Red, I would remove the bulb from your app, do a factory reset and then repair them. Here is how:

However, if you want to try something before you do this:

Option 1

  • Power off the bulb by either unscrewing it or turning power off to it
  • wait for about 1 minute or longer if you can
  • Put the power back to the bulb and wait for about 30 seconds
  • then start the app and see if you can control the bulb.

Option 2

  • Start your app, go to account then App Setting and clear the cache.
  • Shut the app down
  • If you have Android, Long Press the App then select Force Stop, the goto Storage and Cache and Clear the Cache there
  • Restart your Device, go into the app and see if it works.

I had the same thing happen when updating. They are replacing the bulbs after trouble shooting. Must be a thing