Range of motion detection

What is the range of motion that the camera can detect. When people are in my driveway it detects motion, it also detects when cars drive by in the street. But when people walk on the sidewalk it does not detect their motion. I have included a video.
It also detects by neighbors cars that are across the street and in his driveway which is in the upper left corner of this video. The main reason why I want to view the sidewalk is for dog walkers who do not pick up after their dogs.

Is is because the size of the people it does not pick up


Video is set to private, set to unlisted or public so people other than you can view. :slight_smile:

Do you have a detection zone set? Sensitivity setting? What camera are you using?

video should work now. v2 cam I have the sensitivity on 36 and no detection zone

Set the detection zone to your yard, that might help. It’s gonna be tough fitting the rectangle detection zone into the not rectangle yard you have but you should get most of it covered.

Bummer. I’ve never attempted to set a zone on the Wyze I have … but you’re stating I can’t do something like this with my Wyze? (FWIW, I never set zones on our Nests)

It’s probably a combo of the “relationship of the size of a person to the surroundings” AND the speed at which they’re walking, plus angle of camera.

If it were me, I’d set a second cam down to the left end of house, so its view is more perpendicular to the sidewalk (vs the seemingly 45° angle of the single cam). We want “things” moving across the cam’s view, not towards it.

Not that intricate no. Wyze detection zones as they are now, is a single user definable rectangle. There is a wishlist item to change the detection zone to something more similar to the pic you posted

Current detection zone rectangle. Can be made full screen or made smaller.

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I live on a hill so that is why it looks that way. I think it does go across the screen. what sensitively do you set it on.