Detection zone is ignored!

Sorry if this has been answered before, but I searched and could not find it.
My cam detects motions/ persons outside the detection zone! Way outside!
Any suggestions?

Which cam are you referring to (V2, Pan, outdoor)?

Is there motion being detected inside the zone at the same time?


Sorry for not supplying enough information!

It is the V2. I have the cam facing our driveway. The detection zone is limited to the last 10(?) feet of the driveway, closest to the camera. When I tested the cam with the person detection, it would only alert when I walk in that zone. This morning it alerted on someone walking on the road, maybe 25 feet outside of the zone.

It constantly picks up motion, cars driving by, outside of the zone.!AqmucqYNfPS5g-1Om13oK5y6DNSnkw?e=sSPfoe
The above link shows where the zone is.

Thanks for your help!


For troubleshooting sake, is motion tagging enabled? Where do you see the green boxes on the event videos? Is there any color change or anything within your detection zone? The “motion detection” of the V2s is the camera detecting “pixel change”, so any shadows, light streaks, any color change will be detected as motion. Can you post an event video so we can have a visual aid about what your seeing? Thanks in advance!

To add on to what @Omgitstony said, especially with person detection the detection enabled there are a few things that go into that. First the cam looks for motion in the detection zone, ANY motion, could be a shadow or a branch. Then the video is uploaded and checked for a person, it will check the whole image for a person, not just the detection zone. So this morning it may have triggered on motion in the zone and then it saw a person in the video and alerted you even though the person was not in the zone.

Hope that makes sense

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Thanks, guys, for replying.

Motion tagging is not set.

I could see it I got a motion alert because the walker trips my motion detector for my floodlight. However, they are far out of the detection zone.

In case the video did not upload, here is a link for it: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

That’s exactly what is happening. The walker tripped the flood light. The flood light was detected as motion by the camera. The clip is uploaded and WYZE sees a person and flags the video as a Person Detection event even though the person is outside the detection zone.
I have pointed this out a few times during beta testing. So far WYZE has not commented on it.
I feel it is wrong and negates the purpose of a detection zone, also makes Person Detection not work the way you would want it to.


That’s disappointing!
I am also a little annoyed at the time lag for the person detection. Someone will be at my door before I get notified.

Thank you for your reply. I guess I’ll have to turn the sensitivity down on the floodlight!

The time lag is caused by the way person detection is implemented. It analyses the full event clip after it is uploaded. So, the clip is 12 seconds, usually more with Cam Plus, then the time to upload and process. I would say a minimum of 20 seconds after the actual event. Enough time for a UPS driver to be back in the truck. :blush:
This has recently become a paid service.

Not positive about it being a ‘Sevice’ yet but yes, they charge for it

I’ve been working with the Wyze support team on this issue for the last 3 weeks. My logs were submitted to the Dev team. Recently after working with KJ (Wyze Supervisor), he asked that I try the Beta App (2.13.113) with the Beta firmware ( to see if they resolved the issue. After testing the beta, it seems the issue is fixed. On my cameras with Cam Plus enabled, Person detection is no longer alerting for people outside the defined detection zone. If you don’t want to become a beta tester, the good news is that they should soon have a fix in the full release. The below documents how to become a beta tester if you are interested:

@fpeter3 - Hope that helps.

App v2.13 is supposed to released in September.
I am a beta tester. I’ll experiement with this.