Cam plus lite is not respecting the detection zone

I’m getting Person notification even when the person is outside the detection zone that I set.

If a person is anywhere in the frame and motion triggers the camera you will get a person detection.


Yeah, and that’s the problem. I don’t really understand your answer. Are you saying it’s a normal behaviour? My camera sees a part of the sidewalk and I have no choice except selecting a zone for detection. Otherwise, I will have to disable the person detection. Why shouldn’t the person detection respect the detection zone?

The detection zone is what determines if motion is detected to start recording. Person Detection is an AI thing and only works after the recording is sent to the cloud. What your seeing is normal but not desired results.

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Thanks for clarifying. I got it now. But this means it’s a bug, and I have no choice but to disable the person detection altogether or find another way to mask the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way the AI works and yes, you’ll need to find another way to limit the recordings. If you search the forum the problem exists for CamPlus vehicle and person detection, frustrating many. There are numerous complaints about alerts for cars and other vehicles that haven’t moved for days that trigger vehicle alerts if motion is detected.

Not necessarily, is there any motion within the detection zone? Any changing pixels, light changes, shadows moving etc? Able to post the vid or photos? Like @WildBill stated, having a person outside the detection zone and having the event tagged as a person is not desirable, it is how things work currently. In that case the ai is working correctly if there is a person in frame somewhere, the bug would be if there is no person at all within the clip. The detection zone is client side only, and is not sent along with the event clip, and the ai is only done on the server side with the clip that is sent.