Getting Person Detection notifications for motion events that are way outside the Detection Zone

I do not have an SD card in, and subbed to Cam Plus

Attached are screenshots of my settings. I am getting constant person detection notifications, even way outside of the detection zone. This was not happening on my V3’s with Cam Plus.

It WAS, however, happening with the V3’s on Cam Plus Lite - I was told that Lite had a different AI algorithm, and so if there was some other motion event that DID occur inside of the detection zone (like my neighbors driveway light turning on - or trees waving in the wind) and THEN a person happened to walk by - even if outside the zone - the AI would still tag it as a person detected & send a notification. Cam Plus is not supposed to work this way, right? This seems like a huge oversight.

I have been a Wyze user for quite a while, and haven’t had this problem with Cam Plus - is there a way to get this camera to only send notifications WITHIN the zone…am I missing something?

I may have figured this out…

It looks like birds chirping outside actually triggered a sound event - and since people were walking by (kids going to school) the AI tagged this as a person detected. This is operating almost exactly like the cam plus lite AI…where as something else is triggering an event to record first, and since there is a person in view, it is sending the notification still…even though it is WAY outside of the zone.



The AI has no knowledge of your detection zones. Once something causes the clip to be uploaded, the AI looks at the entire image.

Will you do a test for me?

Try 2 things for me. First, Turn on the green Motion tag box in the settings. Then temporarily block out these extra grid squares too and see if it makes any difference:

You can always switch back to unblocking them again afterward, but I would like to get confirmation.

If it still happens, will you review one of the offending videos and see if the green motion tag crosses into the detection zone in ANY WAY at all, and if it does, how and where? Maybe post the example video so I can analyze it? Also, please submit a log and the log number. I’d like to send some feedback to someone at Wyze.

Ahhh this is an interesting theory! The annoyance here in my case, is that person detection for my front door is linked to the Alexa’s in the house, which send an audible “person detected at front door” notification. This has worked flawlessly for years, but am now running into issues. Let me try your suggestion & see what happens! It could very well be possible that the motion tagging from across the street was overlapping the detection zone. Thanks for the suggestion

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Kind of missing the point. If I have a detection zone setup, I should only be receiving person detected notifications from within that zone. I am instead receiving person detection notifications from events that are way outside of the detection zone. Motion happening outside of the detection zone should be completely ignored. That’s kind of the whole point of a detection zone…

Agreed, it’s only half way there. If there is motion outside your detection zone, it should NOT be uploading the clip to Wyze for the AI to look at. Therefore, no notification. However, if there is motion detection within your detection zone, the clip gets uploaded for AI processing.

I have recently been informed that SOME of the camera types do now upload the detection zone mask to be included in the AI processing, but not all of them have that capability - yet. Supposed to be that all of the cameras will be updated to support that capability eventually.

So, in other words, it’s at least pointed in the right direction.


One of the issues that ive noticed is kind of two fold…

  1. If there is ANY type of motion captured within the detection zone (a light turning on from a neighbors house for example, or a tree waving in the wind) and THEN somebody happens to walk by at the same tie, even if it is outside of your detection zone - this will still cause a clip to upload, get analyzed, and then have a person detection notification sent…even though the person was way outside of the zone.

Every single morning, afternoon and evening we were getting person detection notifications from people walking on both sides of the sidewalk (which is out of the zone)…kids walking to the bus stop, people walking their dogs, kids coming home, etc. It has been MADDENING.

  1. Everything mentioned above, but for SOUND. If you have Record Sound Events turned ON, the same exact actions will occur if the camera hears a sound (even something as simple as birds chirping - which is what actually triggered this initial post) and THEN somebody walks by, even if the motion is outside of the zone.

I turned sound recording OFF, and problem solved. I also turned motion tagging off, and so far so good…

These seem like fairly easy fixes on Wyze’s end…kind of trivial that these issues persist. tbh.

Turning off motion tagging AND record sound events seems to have solved this issue completely. I didn’t have to modify the detection zone at all. Sound recording is wildly inaccurate anyway, and when it’s windy outside, the camera is sending nonstop notifications…so no issue there. And motion tagging isn’t really necessary, imo. So thank you for the tip! This was driving me MAD!!!

These are two very silly bugs that one would think could easily be addressed with some minor tweaks.