Does person detection look only in the detection zone?

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Anyway, I’ve been sending a video clip here and there where it shows that a person was detected when there was not a person in the video. The feature that lets you send clips like that only allows you to say you saw a person or you did not see a person.

I sent one that showed a person in the video but the motion detection was showing that it saw a dog and not the person and the person was outside the detection zone.

Another time it said there was a person but the motion did not occur in the detection zone and there was nothing else to see but the person so I’m thinking either it’s on purpose or there is a bug where are you seeing a person ignores the detection zone set for the camera.

Is it intended that the notifying of a person is not tied to a detection zone or is this a bug and it should only be looking where I set a detection zone?


That’s a good question. I have not seen this answered yet. If anyone else has, please post a link to it.

To restate the question: if an event is triggered by non-person motion (eg. leaves moving) inside the detection zone, but there is a person clearly visible in the camera’s field of view outside the detection zone, will that event be tagged as person-detected or not?

Here are the two sections of the support info that mention the detection zone:

They almost seem to contradict each other.

I’ll work on clarification in our articles! In the meantime, I can answer this one.

Person detection is run on videos that have already been recorded. Motion Event videos are not recorded outside of the detection zone. However, a person in the frame will be tagged as a person even outside of the zone.


Good to know. Another way of saying it is that the AI scan does not limit itself to the detection zone. Thanks for clarifying the documentation.


Thanks for the clarification

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Correct! And you’re both welcome. :slight_smile:

Is there any plan to add a setting to restrict it to the detection zone?

The reason I asked the question is that it appeared to me that it did ignore the detection zone as you say.

However, I don’t mind the people walking on my sidewalk 25 feet from my door. I do want to know if there is a person near my door…where I have designated the detection zone.

I don’t mind as I don’t have a lot of traffic on the sidewalk but I wonder for folks who might.


Also does the AI look at the complete 12 second recorded video ?
Seems like it only looks at the first 3-5 seconds ?
Front Porch Camera mounted high under overhang with restricted view at 14 ft. out. If I slowly walk up to it where my feet are only visible first and then continue into frame (withing the 12 seconds, it does not always recognize person . So a slow moving person coming into frame may not get recognize as Person…
If I walk at a normal pace it seems to recognize me 100% of the time as long as the camera in not in the 5 minute cool down :frowning:

As long as there is not some non-person motion inside the detection zone, then you won’t have a motion event triggered and therefore no corresponding person-detection. Therefore, you shouldn’t get person detections about the people on the sidewalk for the most part.