Person detection and detection zone

If I enable both Detection zone and Person detection, does the entire person need to be within the zone for person detection to work? Anyone tested?

This is just my understanding of how it works, so if I am wrong I hope I get corrected.

Person detection depends on motion detection as the trigger. So a motion would have to happen in the detection zone of any kind, lets say a ball flies through detection zone. Camera senses and starts to record, AI checks video for people, sees person who through ball far outside of zone but video will get labeled as person detected because there is a person in it even if the person did not create the triggered motion, if that makes sense.

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Makes perfect sense. As a related question do I even need detection zone if all I care about is Person detection? I mean no matter where the person is I should get notification right? Thanks for your reply

Yesterday my cam depicted a cat’s head as a person. A very small person.

In that case you would not be worried about a detection zone, just set for detects motion under event recording and notification just enable the person part

Yeah. the detection zone feature is really just so that you can avoid triggering the camera from unwanted movement. But if your camera faces a busy street, for example, you might still want to use the detection zone. That’s because when the camera gets triggered by a motion event, there’s a 5-minute cooldown period in which it won’t get triggered again, whether there’s a person in the frame or not. So if the camera is constantly getting triggered from the street, you’ll constantly be in a cooldown period and you might not get the important alerts you’re looking for.