How does wyze detection zone and person detection work together?

I would like to use the Detection Zone feature on my Wyze Cam v2 to reduce motion recordings. However, I’m wondering how it will interact with Person Detection. Specifically, does Person Detection analyze the full picture, regardless of your Detection Zone setting?

Yes. The story as I understand it is that motion is monitored only in the zone, but that once that event clip is uploaded the entire frame is analyzed for any humans, so a person outside the zone will still mark that event as Person Detected.


So no “Person Detected” will occur if not preceded by a motion detection.

@Customer is correct, the camera looks for any motion, if you have a detection zone selected it will only look for motion in that zone. When motion is detected it records and uploads the video. The entire video is then checked for people being in it. If a person is detected it is flagged as such even if the person is outside of the zone

Person detected can only occur if a video is uploaded and the video is uploaded on any motion inside the detection zone (if there is a zone set), it is analyzed for a person on the server


Got it @WyzeJasonJ Thanks! Hopefully will get my 1st qualified Person Detect .

Side note, let’s not all be too surprised that this changes when they eventually release a device with on board PD.

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I don’t care what Wyze changes, as long as it is a working improvement.


Thanks for the clarification!