Rain Barrel Sprinklers AND Deer Deterrent

I’m using a Wyze outdoor plug to control a water transfer pump connected to a rain barrel and drip irrigation system. Outdoor camera set up to monitor barrel and watering.

I have set this up at a vacation home to keep plants watered, but found a bonus feature: animal deterrent! (Note: we shut off household water when we’re away.)

Barrel collects rain water with Wyze outdoor camera set up to monitor water level gauge. I can set outdoor plug to water on a schedule or manually on/off. Camera helps ensure I don’t run the pump dry.

A second outdoor camera, installed for security, also comes in handy to deter deer from eating plants. When outdoor camera detects motion at night (when deer visit) it triggers a rule on the outdoor plug to switch on. Second rule shuts off outdoor plug after 3 minutes. It’s just enough time to pressurize the drip system. The sounds of the pump and the gurgling/spitting of drip emitters is enough to shoo away plant eaters.

Checking the outdoor plug usage monitor shows me if/when my “Deer Deterrent” has been running.

Really handy and inexpensive automation for watering from the rain barrel and scaring deer.