Using Motion Sensor to scare the deer/save the plants

I’m using the Wyze Motion Sensor to turn on a sprinkler. However, the power (using Amazon or Wyze Plug) doesn’t shut off after the set time. Could the motion sensor pick up the sprinkler spray as motion preventing shutoff? I read, "The PIR Motion Sensor uses Passive Infrared Light sensors to detect radiant heat. " but maybe the water has radiant heat??

Is it possible to turn off the Wyze Plug after a set time (regardless of the motion sensor)? I couldn’t find how.


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I would LOVE to see this work! I had a bird cam a year ago and it was fun but the dang deer would come and empty the bird feeder every night. Tried all kinds of things and couldn’t drive them away (nothing harmful). Christmas lights all over the feeder that only came on at night didn’t work, they just ate while basking in the holiday glow. grrr.

My wife says I should share. That if I feed nature, then I should share with ALL who are hungry.

But those bugger deers eat everything. So nope, I want a deer removal system!

Problems solved. The Wyze setup seems to work when I pose as a deer.

Here’s the hardware setup…

  • I’m using a 24v dc Toro valve to control water to a simple impact sprinkler.
  • The Toro valve is powered by a 24v adapter (power brick) connected to a Wyze Plug.
  • I use a Wyze Motion sensor to detect motion

I set up two rules on Wyze:

  • Deer On rule - turns on Wyze Plug when Wyze Motion Sensor detects motion
  • Deer Auto Off rule - “When” Wyze Plug has been on for 2 seconds, turn Wyze Plug Off. By the way, this ability to set the “on” for only 2 seconds is where Wyze Plug out performs Alexa plug which has a minimum of 60 seconds.

I’ll be adding a Wyze Cam to monitor the situation and allow refinement if needed…ie deer find the water + food even more enjoyable.

For those concerned about well being of deer - there’s edible greenery everywhere within a few steps. I’m just limiting their diet of hydrangea.

It’s a pretty simple solution…I hope.

If you use Alexa routines you can do this as well by using the wait command after it turns on followed by an off command.

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