Questions about travel mode

hello, this is my first actual question for this site, we are going to cape cod in three days, I was wondering if I need to bring the outdoor cam and the base station, or just the outdoor cam and leave my base station plugged in at home, it says we can take our outdoor cams to a remote location and still view live streams as long as the base station is plugged in, but it does not say anything other than that, it’s pretty vague most people would assume that a remote location would mean i could travel 4 hours away from our base station with the outdoor cam in travel mode and till view live stream… im not that gullible so unless someone can answer this question for me I will be bringing both my outdoor cam and base station with us on vacation and set them up to the rentals wifi so we can monitor our rental and puppy while we are at the beach or dinner etc… thank you

I would say try it at home, so that you have a good expectation on how to use. You can use cam or base for travel mode.

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You have to have the base station at the same location as the camera for the camera to be connected to the internet to remotely live view the camera.

For example: if you have your base station and camera at your home, you can be away from home and watch the live view. If you put your camera in travel mode and take it away from the base station, the only functionality you have is scheduled time lapse or recording (no motion detection) and you have to be within the vicinity of the camera to view a live feed. You would not be able to remotely view the camera if your phone is not in range of the camera’s wifi broadcast.

You can take your base station and camera with you when you travel; however, you have to have the base station connected via ethernet to the router of the internet connection you want to use (there is no way to connect the base station via wifi it must be wired via ethernet). Your camera has to stay in range of the base station. Then you would be able to view the live stream of the camera from anywhere.