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My 2 outdoor cameras are set up and linked to one base. I have SD cards in each camera, and none in the base. Once these cameras have been updated, charged and hung, can I disconnect the base from the ethernet connection?

I can’t tie up this connection, as it’s going to be utilized for something else that’s being installed in my house next month.

If I can’t disconnect the base, perhaps I can put it on travel mode- so that I don’t need the base and still capture what I need to capture, without actually Traveling anywhere?

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No, you can’t remove the base.
You can get a 5-8 port Ethernet switch for less than $20 that will alleviate the problem.
An Ethernet switch is like a splitter to add extra ports.


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Thank you so much for your reply and for the explanation of how easy of a fix it is.

What are your thoughts about when you go into travel mode? You can go away with your camera link yourself to a Wi-Fi and not take the base with you?

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Travel mode will let you schedule recordings and time lapses without an internet connection. No motion detection or remote playback. But you will need the SD card in the camera or the base station to record. You can enable travel mode on just the camera or on the base station (really only necessary if you have multiple cameras).

The camera itself does not connect to internet/wifi. The only way to connect the camera to the internet is through the base station.

If you are in travel mode, you must be near the camera to view the footage captured. Your phone can connect to the camera’s wifi, which allows you to download recordings and events over that wifi connection to your phone (or tablet).

They will need the base operative unless in Travel mode