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I have set up my camera successfully at home. Couple of questions:

  1. does the bridge have to be wired to the router? I was hoping that it was like my Sengled and Ring Bridges that after initial setup the bridge could connect to my network via wifi.

  2. a secondary reason for purchase was to use at my parents property in another town (cabin by the river). I was hoping to set it up there (no internet connection) to record motion for people coming through the gate and perhaps wildlife. I don’t really understand travel mode. I’ve read through the faq and community posts, but I truly don’t understand if I need to take the bridge with the camera down to the cabin or if I I just take the camera itself? The faq and posts I’ve read seem to indicate that I can view the camera footage remotely in travel mode and none of it makes sense.

You must use an ethernet cable to connect the base station to the router. I’m still struggling with the travel mode usage but your best bet will probably be to do a scheduled recording between certain hours like 2 p.m. and 5 p.m.


I saw that video, but it didn’t really explain the travel mode on the base station. Is that different?

Travel mode has nothing to do with the base station. You use the camera stand alone.
The camera really won’t do what you want it to do. For some reason WYZE chose to not record on motion detection in travel mode.
A game camera will work at your parents place.

I think basically when you enter travel mode then you no longer need the base station but you can connect your phone to the camera. from the live feed view then you tap the More button and on the second screen you’ll have the option to do a scheduled recording, setting the start time in the shop time.

or for very short recordings in either mode where you’re standing near the camera you could just hit the Record button on the main screen and hit the button a second time to end the recording.

the impression I got was that you could make a scheduled recording for x number of hours. And then take the camera and back home to its home Network. and while it’s at the cabin you can only view the live feed if you’re standing in close proximity to the camera.

Hopefully others who have had more experience with travel mode will correct me where I’m wrong or provide further information.

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Yet another thing to plug into the router

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That’s right. The camera sets up a Wifi SSID when running in Travel mode. You connect your phone to that network to view, and control, the camera in the WYZE app.

Ok, so why is there a travel mode setting on the base station? What does that do?

And I tested out the time lapse in travel mode, and I think that actually would work for my purposes at the cabin, at least until motion detection is possible in travel mode.

I did try, also, a scheduled recording but it will not play from the app album… So not quite sure what’s going on there. It seems as though it recorded and it says it’s downloaded to my phone… But… It won’t play. Might have to reach out to wyze for that one.

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It’s explained fairly well here:
I assume if you start Travel mode from the base station all connected cameras would be in Travel mode. It doesn’t really say.

You will only get about 10 hours out of the battery.

I read that article, too, and it doesn’t really say what the travel mode on the base station does which is why I asked if anyone had used/tried that.

I did a time lapse over the course of last night (testing battery and storage) and it only dropped about 5%. It’ll be a few days before I go to the cabin, so I’ll keep playing with travel mode.

The ultimate goal is to set one up for my dad, and teach him how to get the footage (or my mom since she’s more tech savvy). It’s also likely that we’ll be able to keep it inside and plugged in. There’s no heat or a/c so that’s why we wanted the outdoor cam for this purpose. He doesn’t like the trail cams he has and the ability to add multiple camera angles was appealing to him.