Outdoor Cam Real Time Viewing

We do a lot of truck camping and are thinking about the Outdoor camera. The wife wakes up from even small noises thinking an intruder - man or bear - is nearby. Can we setup one or more outdoor cams on our truck to view video in real time using travel mode? We have no interest in motion sensing or recording options. Is the base station required or can the cams connect directly to our cell phones? We have a portable battery with AC inverter so we can power the base station if required.

Edit: From reading other threads, it seems we don’t need the base station in travel mode. Thus I assume it connects directly to our cell phones. So the only question is, can we view the camera feed live from a cell phone?

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You can most definitely view a live stream from the Outdoor Cam on your cell phone, I do this often to check up on things at home while I’m at work. I have no experience using it without the base station though, so not sure if that will work or not.

Yes! In travel mode, you can view the live feed so long as your phone is within range (about 30 feet) of the camera. You’re basically making a direct wifi connection to the camera video feed (no internet required). Travel mode can be a bit tricky, for me, turning data off before connecting to the cameras wifi in travel mode worked best.