Outdoor cam w/o internet

Can I access Outdoor Cams if the base station is connected to a wifi router that is not connected to the internet? I’d like to put outdoor cams around my RV but I won’t have internet access. if I set up a “standalone” wifi router in my RV and then connect (via an ethernet cable) the Wyze outdoor cam base station to the wifi router, can I then access the cameras using my iphone?

Welcome to the group! I’d direct you to check out the “Travel Mode”, that may be the functionality that you are looking for,



I would like to clarify further. I understand that travel mode is there. But is the base fully functional without an internet connection? Will it record motion events to the sd card in the base without an internet connection. I would like to use the outdoor cams around an rv with no internet. Is like the motion recordings to be in the base in case a camera disappears.

I plan to also use my Outdoor cam in the RV to monitor the entry door. Not sure how it will work without internet access but hoping I can monitor the video on my iPhone/iPad/Echo. What did you find in your setup in the RV?