WYZEOutdoor cam without router

I am unable to use the WYZE Outdoor Cam without having a router!!?? I can use the other versions of the camera with a Wi-Fi hotspot in my home or RV.

ALSO TRAVEL MODE on the outdoor cam requires a router in addition to the base station.

Why not allow Outdoor Cam to attach via Bluetooth to iPhone/iPad directly while in TRAVEL MODE. BETTER YET allow WYZE outdoor cam to be used with a base station designed to “route” via a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

I don’t have an Outdoor cam, so only going by what I have read here. The base station should be able to connect to a hotspot WiFi just as it connects to your home WiFi. I do know that originally the Base station required a wired interface, but a firmware update allowed the base station to connect via WiFi. Sorry, can’t help beyond that.

Set up base station without Ethernet cable

At the present I cannot set up my base station to connect my outdoor cam to Starlink. Elon, in his great wisdom didn’t supply the router with an Ethernet port.