Can Wyze Cam Outdoor be used in remote cabin without internet?

I have a remote cabin in the woods that has no internet and has limited power, and so I had a few questions that I cannot seem to be able to find answers to on this website with 30 minutes of searching, so I figured it was easier to just post my question than spent hours reading forum posts.

The scenario I want to work is to have two or three outdoor cams connect to the base station and record their video to that, and then I would place the outdoor cams in strategic places outside and leave the base station securely locked up in the cabin, where once a week or so I will download the video from the base station and review any activity.

So my first question is, can I just have a SD card in the base station and not have any in the camera themselves?

Will this setup work without internet, as that is very key to this whole thing working?

Since I have very limited power at the cabin, does anyone know the electrical specs that the base station requires? Ultimately I’m interested to know how many watts of power does it use in an hour, as I need to know this to determine if this will even work, as there is extremely limited power and I need to be able to calculate power consumption to be sure this will even work.

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated, as nothing I’m reading thus far addresses any of those questions, so I figured surely someone here would know the answers to those questions.

Thanks so much in advance for your time and help!