Can I use Wyze Cam without WiFi or internet?

I’m wondering if I can use the Wyze Cam with a mini SD card to keep at my camper that sits year round in a camp ground without any sort of internet? Sort of like trail cam where if somethings missing or messed with I can go back and see what / who it was?


Welcome to the community @Bobby48183. There are already a few threads on the forum about this subject. You can search the forum after selecting the magnifying glass icon at the top-right. :slight_smile:


It’s a complicated answer, but this camera is probably not for you. Basically you need Internet access to start the camera (hotspot?), even if all you plan to do is use the SD card. If the camera loses power you will need the hotspot to get it working again. Here is a write-up of how it currently works. I believe Wyze is discussing whether it will work this way in the future: