Using Wyze Cam 2 w/o Internet. Will it work?

Ok, I have a Wyze Camera V2 and I want to use it in a place that has electricity but no Internet. Toward this end I: a) Setup the camera in my living room with the app and installed an SDCard. b) I then carried the camera to a place in my home that has no internet.

Q: When I went to check the recording a couple of days later there weren’t any. Did I do something wrong?

Q: In order for this to be useful, I plan to pop out the sdcard after a while and review the recordings on my PC. Are the recordings stored on the SDCard stored un encrypted? (Please say yes).

Yes, recordings are stored as 1 minute unencrypted mp4 files in folders sorted by the hour. You can easily work with them on almost any modern PC or smart device.

You need an internet connection to boot the cam up so it will authenticate, but not after. If you have cell coverage at the location, briefly use your smartphone as a hotspot to get the cam up and running. Test it by viewing the cam with the Wyze phone app. Then can turn off the phone hotspot and the cam will record to the SD card - as long as your settings are correct.

You may want to plug the cam into an UPS, because any time the cam loses power, you will have to do the whole authentication thing over again.