Question on cameras not sending notifications after update

Cannot get V2 cameras to send me notifications.
Please help.
Used to work fine till i updated the camera firmware.

@pgiorcel Welcome to the community. Take a look at the following support section, and see if this may apply to your issue.

  1. Confirm that the bell icon in the top right corner of the Home tab does not have a line through it.
  2. Confirm push notifications are turned on. This setting can be found by going to the camera’s live stream, tapping on the Settings icon SettingsGear__1_.png in the top right corner, tapping on Event Recording , and toggling on Send Push Notification
  3. Check your phone’s settings to make sure that the device itself is allowing push notifications.
  4. Check that the Wyze app is up-to-date by going into your device’s app store.
  5. Check that camera’s firmware is up-to-date by click into the camera’s live stream, tapping the Settings icon in the top right corner > Device Info > Update Firmware .
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I have already done all this and still don’t receive any notifications. Tried it on another phone and the same thing. Tech support has been working on it since July.

If you have a support ticket number, I would post it, so @WyzeGwendolyn can take a look at it for you.

My ticket is 279335

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Support is out for the evening but I’ll work on drawing attention to your ticket tomorrow. Sorry for the notification trouble!

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I found a potential solution from another thread. It may be worth a try. Take a look. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It worked fine with old camera firmware. When updated cameras it stopped notifying

I will try that

Thank you

Will let you know

No that didn’t work

My cameras here at my home work. The cameras at my camp do not anymore.

Could it be something with the router at my camp

Am I understanding you correctly, you are receiving notifications at home but not at your camp?

At home with WiFiand also away from home. But at the camp only if I am hooked to my wifi. But when I leave I stop getting them

I use to be able to get notifications when they’re is motion at my camp

So the only time you are not receiving push notifications is at your camp. And it works everywhere else like at home and away from home. Is this correct?

When I am at camp on my wifi I receive them there. When I leave and come back home or anywhere I else I do not receive them

My cameras at home work at home on my wifi and also away from home or anywhere else

It sounds like as long as you are connected to wifi you receive push notifications. When you head home from camp you do not receive push notifications. This probably is a LTE network issue on your phone and not the Wyze app and camera firmware update. Does your data automatically turn on when you leave camp?

Yes. It worked fine when I put the cameras in until I changed the firmware

I’m sending this thread over to the agent I pinged so that he has the additional context.

Thanks for the help, @StopICU33!

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You’re welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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