Question about using two Wyze scales for the same person

I recently purchased a new Scale X, because Support indicated my Scale S was defective (but out of warranty) :roll_eyes:
Turns out, it was a known app issue which the developers just fixed. Yay!

In the end, I am not totally upset that I had to get a new scale, because I would love to take my previous (S) scale down to our place in FL, so I can continue measuring my progress daily when down there for two weeks.

My question is, will I be able to use both the S and the X scales, and have the measurements all roll into the same info for me?
I just connected the X yesterday, and am using that now, here at home.
Next week, I will be in FL, and want to take the S with me, but I want to make sure it will work as I described above.


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I believe it will, but it has been a while since I tried. I think @carverofchoice has multiple scales and may be able to tell you if they currently work the way you are wanting them to.


Jason is correct! I have used both the Original scale and the Scale-X at the same time, and they both uploaded their data into the same data pool, so I could view the same weight data under either one in the app as if the measurement originally came from the scale I am looking at in the app at the moment.

So yes, feel free to take one of them to the other location. It will work as you are hoping as long as you are using the same Wyze account to store the data for them. :+1: At least it does for me with the Original Scale and the Scale-X being used together.

You can test it right now before you leave to verify this. Just step on one scale, record a measurement, check the time, so you know for sure it came from that scale. Now do the same with the other scale. Then look in the app. For example, with the Scale X, you can click on trends, then you can click on this little clock icon:

This will take you to the history page where it will show you the date and time, weight and body fat % of every measurement:

Then you will see that the Scale X is also showing you all the measurements from the Scale-S too.

Then you won’t just be trusting me saying it is so, you can see it for yourself and rest assured it is definitely working as you were hoping.

Another way to verify is to request the data be exported and emailed to you. Then you will also see every measurement you’ve taken is all stored in the same info together.

Both scales will include all measurements from any other scale into the same graphs/charts as long as you are having them use the same “User” for both of them. :wink:

Makes it really nice to upgrade or have them in different locations just as you are talking about wanting to do. :+1:


Yay! Thanks so much! I appreciate the thorough response!
The Scale S is now packed in my bag, ready for departure! :slight_smile:

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