Sync Multiple Wyze Scales to App

I own multiple Wyze Scales and would like to sync them all to both mine and my wife’s Androids. Currently we have it setup where she syncs one and I sync the other. It would be nice if I could add multiple scales (vacation home, multiple bathrooms, etc.) and have the data show up in our apps no matter which scale we step on.

Sync data across Wyze scales

I have two Wyze scales. I would like my user progress to sync together and not have two profiles of progress Based on the device. I purchased the new S model and would like it to have all of my history.


Sync across wyze scales

Surprised and disappointed to see that the new Scale - S isn’t using the previous scale’s data… Or offers a way to import profiles and data from the original scale to the scale - s.

Would like to see either functionality.


Transfer historical Wyze Scale history/data to new Wyze Scale S so trends can be seen in one location.


Transfer Data Between Wyze Scales

I currently own Wyze Scale and have been considering upgrading to Wyze Scale X for the added features. I checked with the Wyze Wizards however and found out my data will not transfer from one scale to the other. Thus, I would lose over a years worth of information I have gathered.

My wish is for the ability to transfer Wyze Scale data when purchasing an upgrade/replacement unit.

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Sometimes when you travel you don’t have a Wyze scale to sync with the app it would be nice to be able to write your weight down while you’re on the road and to manually input it into the app. I have a blood pressure app that allows you to do this. You just have to be able to enter the date and in this case the weight.

transfer history from existing wyze scale to new wyze scale

Need to be able to transfer history from existing wyze scale to new wyze scale.

Is it still not possible to retain historical data when adding a new scale?