Question about gun safe extended warranty

Wondering if gun safe purchasers went with the extended 1-3 year warranty by Extend and if they’d recommend it? Thanks!

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I personally rarely buy extended Warranties myself. Yes, once in a while there is something that breaks and would’ve benefitted from it, but overall, if I never do them, even when I have to replace something, I’ve usually saved so much money by not doing it on all the other stuff that didn’t break that replacing one thing that did (after the original warranty is over) is still cheaper than if I’d gotten an extended warranty on all the stuff that never had a problem.

But, it can be a great thing when it is needed. In the end, I guess it is personal preference. Maybe it partially depends on how often the safe will be used and whether it is assumed it will wear out faster for you than the average person.

I am sure it is a really good option for some people, and maybe not for others. Just in case, here are some FAQ’s about the Extend Warranty Wyze uses in case anyone would like to learn more to see if it is right for them:


I agree with @carverofchoice

The ONLY thing I have ever bought an extended warranty for was our Panasonic plasma TV. I bought it when the technology was new. The company that sold it had a great deal. If the warranty was not used, half of the cost of the warranty could be exchanged for store credit.
Company was Ultimate Electronics which went out of business so the warranty for store credit was worthless.
It worked great but it was 10 years old. Couldn’t get $50.00 for it. Ended up giving it to a detailer at a car lot.
Paid $4500.00 for the TV plus $500.00 for the warranty.

When an extended warranty is sold, someone somewhere does this