EXTEND ~ Extended warranty does not cover cost of replacement

Recently had to replace Wyze Buds (purchased EXTEND warranty). EXTEND (ext. warranty provider) I returned the Buds, EXTEND sent me a virtual gift card for 44$ to purchase a new set.

The problem is that 44$ does not cover the shipping or new extended warranty and the WYZE payment system will not allow replacement due to lack of total funds on the card (cart total 54.47$ total less 44$ on gift card. The Wyze purchase system does no allow splitting payment to 2 cards, and the EXTEND card does not seam to allow any way to add funds.

Wyze does not accept phone orders, and EXTEND has never of this. It seems to me that every repurchase would have this issue due to shipping cost and or extended warranty purchase.

Does anyone have advise to resolve this?
Thanks in advance

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Welcome back to the forums! That sounds frustrating. Seems like they should cover the shipping cost. If not, fine, but let us use more than one payment method or we’ll never be able spend 100% of that “gift card”. I wouldn’t expect the extended warranty to cover another extended warranty, but maybe allow us to purchase that option again if we wish.

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I would report this to BBB. Over 108 Customer Complaints (109 with yours) and Rated an F

Thanks for reporting this! We have the team looking into it. @mwfitch , could you please tell me your order number so we can chat with the Extend team about it?


Also, if something as new as the Buds, why use the Extend warranty? Is there a defect that the Wyze warranty would cover?


LOL, you are always so positive, @cohibajoe

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Thanks for the link. I left my 5 star “complaint” in the review section.

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I dropped them in 6” of water and they were toast.

Why would you drop them in 6” of water? They are not rated for that?


Love it. When comedy was comedy. The tail end of it, at least. :rofl:

Please don’t be so quick, I am handicapped and I dropped them getting in the pools pool for rehab.

Accidents happen and that’s why you got the “extended” warranty, right?

Not, sure it’s an option, but I love the headphones. Maybe they would work in place of the pods? But at least they would be a little more secure on your head.

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Unfortunately, the Wyze warranty won’t cover that damage. I would suggest replying with your order number so Wyze can sort it out with Extend.

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