Wyze needs to cover the cost of shipping and tax

I have a “wish list” request in for this but I just wanted to discuss the way Wyze fulfills a warranty claim.
First, I’m sure some of us know that the warranty claim process is unusual. Instead of having support just send out a replacement device, they send you a gift card to cover the cost of the device you’re replacing. The problem with this issue is when you complete the purchase you still have to pay for shipping and tax. In no other warranty claim have I had to pay for shipping to my location, only when I need to return the defective device. Also, because Wyze requires me to purchase a new camera from their online store, I’m having to pay tax again. This is ridiculous. I’m not buying a new camera, I’m returning it because it’s defective.
Now, the first time this issues happened, back in July, after a bit of back and forth Wyze covered these additional costs but now I’m having to go through this process again but THIS time they say their policy won’t cover it. I check their warranty online and thanks to the Wayback Machine, I can see nothing has changed in their policy since the last time I made a claim. Most of their discussion around costs to the customer are about returns but under the Warranty section, there is nothing that says they will not cover shipping and tax, just that they will either offer a return OR a gift card. I would have taken the return option but was told this only can happen if I’ve only had it for 30 days.
Now, WHY is Wyze’s “policy” to charge their customers for warranty claims? I don’t know but this isn’t clearly called out in their policy.
For a mere $10.63 Wyze has lost a customer. I’ll use my devices as long as they hold out but I will not be purchasing anything from Wyze going forward. I’ll also do my best to make this issue known to potential Wyze customers.

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