Why is it so hard for Wyze to honor replacement or warranty?

I am a big fan of Wyze. I first bought my first 4 cameras on Amazon.

I decided to purchase my next items (watch, scale, and buds) directly from Wyze.

But the return process and warranty replacement has been extremely difficult. All I get is the same “help” responses that can be found on the website. Why?

Wyze advertises itself as “hassle free” but it’s not .

I bought my Wyze watch in March 21. The watch now has stopped working properly. The battery runs out in a few hours. It used to last a few days.

I reached out to customer service for a warranty. All I have been getting is “try recharging and make sure the cable is connected” and then “send us a video of the watch not being charged”. ??? The watch is charging just fine, it just runs out of the battery life really quick. and then I got asked the order number again which I had already provided in my submission form.

It’s almost as if Wyze is trying to not honor the warranty and delay the process.

Can anyone help me here?

I am really disaapointed in the customer service. I still love Wyze products but I don’t think I will buy from Wyze directly anymore. the process has been difficult. If I bought this from Amazon, I would have gotten my replacement or money back already. It has been anything but hassle free.

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Time lapse? Use one product   image   to verify the failure of another, I guess. :wink:

Post your customer service case number here and staff may see and escalate it. No guarantees but it happens. :slight_smile:

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There have none Americans there customer service is piss poor and very bad,we just bitch at the c.s. person in all of our emails for warranty replacement, get this crap…they will not cover their products when it’s not bought from Wyze direct which is wrong,…I also herd there’s a class action law suit in the works for bad products [Mod Edit] poor c.s.,etc this is all being done here in the United States and so far there’s 11 States involved in this as well…as soon as I find out more we will post it

When was your call to Support? Can you post your ticket number? I’ll send it up and see if a fresh set of eyes on it can help. Thanks in advance!


I will say that Wyze promptly shipped me warranty replacements for both WCO v2 & solar panel over the summer. Thankfully, the replacements seem to perform as well as I’d expected from the originals. Purchase was from Amazon, so Wyze does honor warranty regardless as long as you have supporting documentation & proof.

My only beef herein goes to better vetting & weeding out faulty production runs such that fewer warranty replacements are necessary. WCO v2 was a new product and I had put quite a bit of effort into my installation. Plus I’m normally about 500 miles away from it. Needless to say, I was not happy when the original cam tanked after 2 weeks of baiting me that all was well.

Given where all of the stuff is manufactured and the reputation thereof, some level of inconsistent quality is to be expected… :confused: