I have 13 or 14 cameras, one of them died. What is the process for getting a replacement?

I have 13 or 14 or maybe 15 cameras, I’ve lost count…

One of them died. Have tried resetting, power cycling, several times etc, etc.

It’s a V3 purchased in May '21 on amazon.
Amazon referred me to Wyze for warranty.

What is the process for getting a replacement?


Hi mike, that’s probably like my farmer grandfolks with their 13 or 14 kids. Close enough. :slight_smile:

I think you have to start here. They’ll walk you through some steps to verify it’s dead, and proceed from there.

Wyze Customer Support
1 (844) 999-3226 or (206) 339-9646
Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
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Well wyze will not cover the warranty due 2 you bought it on Amazon…makes no since…so what we did is we ordered a new V3 on Amazon and sent the bad 1 back…issue resolved fast and easy

Is that true?? Say it ain’t so.

Last cams I ordered were nearly a year ago, paid on Wyze’ site, but using the Amazon Pay option they had integrated.

If you ordered from Wyze and used Amazon Pay, it is still ordered from Wyze. Amazon Pay is a method from which they can easily get their money. :slight_smile: I used it for a couple, now I use a CC as I wanted to make sure that no one had any access to my Amazon account or payments

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If you have the wyze order number and its less than 1 year old your all set you will need to copy your sales order to you gallery, also you will need the device information from the app .save a copy to you gallery and take a picture of the bottom of the camera where all the info is,save 2 gallery now open a warranty replacement at Wyze…if you do it on wyze,they will have you to try to fix it first,so the average time to get a replacement from wyze is 12-18 days. Which is crap…do the Amazon order time to do that 2-4 days so it’s up 2 you

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Ah, so Wyze will cover a cam purchased on Amazon, but with more validation steps and delay.

Whereas Amazon’s like, “Natch, send 'er in. You’ll be back in biz in a jiff.”

I need a image

Does Wyze honor warranty (pursued through them) for cams purchased on Amazon?

Most people that we have told,the use Amazon much quicker and wyze will still get the bad camera back

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Thanks for all the replies.

Wyze reached out to me quickly.

I purchased if from Amazon originally on amazon’s own website. Being a prime member that’s where I do most of my shopping these days.

I’ll keep you all updated. I’m confident they’ll take care of this either via amazon or directly.

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If you don’t have the original box of the DEAD V3 cam, which has the MAC ID in the QR code sticker on box. I save the original boxes until the 1 year warranty is up just in case I have to send back.

The base on the V3 was designed to be removed to use alternative mounts, and the QR code and MAC ID is on the detachable base.

So if you don’t have the original box you could swap the detachable base and then the newly ordered Amazon V3 cam has same matching QR code and information when returned in that same box.

If the camera is truly DEAD then chances of the internal MAC ID being read are slim, but before sending it back have you tried flashing latest firmware via Micro-SD card?
Or is the camera beyond the ability to be flashed?

QR & Barcodes obfuscated and full MAC ID not shown in image below, for privacy.
Use Google Lens to read your QR code on camera or box if interested…

If you have not tried to flash the V3 manually via the Micro-SD card you should try that first.
Link to flashing instructions —> How to flash your Wyze Cam firmware manually
Before pulling off a SHAMazon Return… :rofl:

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I’m inferring a little that this is one of those areas the parties of the first and second parts * prefer to remain vague. Easier then to call ‘audibles’, I guess…

Or maybe there’s an explicit policy after all, we shall see… :slight_smile:

  * @mike7 being the third? IANAL

Great,good luck

As a user and not an employee of wyze I can only speak from my experiences

Of the very few times I’ve ever had issues with a cam and needed to utilize the warranty I was never asked where I purchased the camera from. They asked when it was activated and asked for the MAC address. Those two things show when the warranty began and the MAC address is linked to them and I believe their manufacturer so that is something they are able to look at and make sure it is actually one of their cameras. As we all know there are very unscrupulous people who sell false things on Amazon.

I think of it like this in that if you received a camera as a gift you don’t know if your mom or grandma purchased it on Amazon or through the company website. So that’s something you would actually be unable to answer in certain circumstances. Personally I don’t purchase them through Amazon anymore due to the copycats so I know everything I buy is 100% authentic but I don’t believe you would have any issues as long as it was verified to be within the warranty. And was verified with support to be are authentic Wyze product.

I hope that helps in some way and makes some semblance of sense.


Great answer, sir, thanks. That’s why they pay you the big $$'s.

May you continue to rock into a prosperous future. :slight_smile:


Outstanding service. And on a Saturday. And with real humans involved.

Replacement is approved and will be on the way.

That’s a great first impression for my first ever issue with their hardware :+1: