Extended Warranty Question

I have a question hoping someone can answer this question from the Wyze Community.

Let’s say I purchase a Wyze Cam V3 Pro with a 2-year extended warranty and after the 2 years of my warranty has expired, knowing I never used it and my camera is still in good condition am I allowed to purchase another warranty for the same camera again, or do I get a credit back for not using the warranty?

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Hello @jcny08,

I believe that you can only buy a warranty plan at the time of purchase and that extended warranty coverage starts the day the item is shipped to you regardless if the product is used or not.

Hope that answers your question.


Buying an extended warranty is like buying insurance. The older it gets, the more likely it is to give up the ghost. The warranty term is very closely calculated like Vegas odds so that the house is always favored. High percentage chance that failure will occur AFTER the extended warranty term. That term is set by their actuaries so that the vast majority of the terms expire without failure, thus making them their money on the liability risk they are taking in the replacement cost.

You are buying extended insurance protection. If you don’t use it, the seller keeps the $ because they were the bearer of the replacement risk and you don’t get any of that back.

I have never heard of a second extended warranty being offered. If it was, it probably wouldn’t be cost effective for you since the value of the item is so low at that point. The replacement risk is too high for them to risk the replacement cost since they have already calculated the life expectancy of the device.

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if you buy an LG TV and as soon as the warranty is up LG will send u an email to renew it for a couple of more years on the same product, but then again it’s a TV. I was just wondering if it can be done or not or if I would be able to extend the warranty after the 2 years. but its all good I appreciate your honesty.

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Honestly have never seen the option anywhere w\ Wyze gear.

But then again, I’m not a fan of paying for a warranty when it should be warrantied by the company if it’s that darn good in the first place.

I like lifetime warranties. Shows confidence in the product: Zippo, Kabar, Cutco, Jansport, Deluth, Eddie Bauer, Leatherman, LL Bean, Gerber, Craftsman, Kobalt… Etc.