Question about Cam Plus Pro forgetting to disarm

Hi guys, I just signed up two V3’s for Cam Plus Pro and without a way to schedule arm/disarm I know for sure I will forget to disarm it. How fast is the response time from the event trigger to video being sent to live agent? My guess is I’ll get one or two notifications then go to disarm it.

If this happens and normal foot traffic triggers events, will all these false reports that will happen cause my account to get flagged? I hope this makes sense?

Don’t have CamPlus Pro but did have HMS. Both use NoonLight. The response from NoonLight is pretty rapid and they are also quick to dispatch authorities if you fail to respond. Presumably you’ve reached out to the local police to obtain an alarm permit, if needed. You should be concerned about the police more than NoonLight since most jurisdictions have substantial penalties for false alarms.

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Ditto on @WildBill’s assessment of Noonlight. I have the HMS as well so I am expressly prohibited from having CPPro.:rage:

Noonlight is certainly Johnny on the spot quick. The SMS Text message is automated and fires off almost instantly. I have actually received that before the alarm push notification comes in. Then they call me for my safe phrase which should be “My bad, sorry about that!”

But, they are also really patient with you too.