Cam Protect in US only?

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Am i missing something or is Cam Plus Pro is available for US residents only? I never wanted monitoring, only friendly face detection and it is really annoying i can’t activate it properly because I’m not an american.
Anyone got any relevant wisdom to offer me in that matter?
Thank you all in advance

Since no one else has responded…

CamPlus Pro and the Home Monitoring Service both use NoonLight as a monitoring service which will alert the police in the event of an alarm trigger. That being said, NoonLight only handles U.S. addresses so neither service is available outside the U.S. I could be wrong, but I think Canada is excluded as well.

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WildBill is correct. From the FAQ at the bottom of the Cam Plus Pro product page on the Wyze website:

So it’s as i feared, thank you for your time

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