Opt out of Noonlight monitoring for Cam Protect

I have a difficult time enough securing my network, now I have to worry about Noonlight having another data breach or leak. No matter how secure you say your company is, and the practices they have in place, the moment you start integrating more humans there are bound to be more errors.
With how easy and prevalent it is for hackers to get into companies and post streams not only on the dark web, but open source as well, It is easier to just have an opt out option than to be sued for a data breach or leak, especially for a company that’s already been involved in both.

[Mod Edit]: Title and tags modified to enhance search clarity. Cam Plus Pro is now Cam Protect.

If you eliminate Noonlight, what do you get from “Pro” that isn’t part of CamPlus?

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I answered it in reply to a previous post, but I guess the person deleted it.
Camp plus Pro is a lot more than just noonlight.

So face recognition and a disarm toggle?


Yes and the alert notifications.
The only reason I don’t want Noonlight is because of their history and sharing of customer information with data collection companies.

CamPlus Pro Arm/Disarm - unable to use

I purchased CamPlud Pro subscription in the app via Apple so that I could use Arm/Disarm feature and use my Wyze camera as an alarm system. Unfortunately I am unable to use it as I am located in Australia and the setup process for monitoring only works for US. I can get through the address but the phone # won’t take full international format so it won’t go through. I totally understand that the professional monitoring service would not work outside of the US, and that’s fine, but I’d love to have Arm/Disarm feature available anyway if it is possible without that service. Without this feature the camera is unusable as an alarm system and I’d have to set up a separate alarm system and could only use the camera “manually”. This is a shame as I really like Wyze products and would rather buy those than some other vendor’s like Eufy.