Question about adding another cam to my yearly CamPlus plan before renewal date

I have 4 cams on the yearly CamPlus plan, and 2 cams on the monthly plan ending Dec 31st. I just cancelled that plan and want to add those cams to my yearly plan that renews in Feb '23. If I add them now, I know I’ll get charged for them immediately. But will I get charged again when the plan renews?

The other cams on different plans have another year before they renew, so I won’t worry about those right now.


The licenses are independent of each other and will have different renewal dates. If you have 6 the unlimited plan might be a better choice but it would start immediately and you may not be able to get any refund for the unexpired licenses.

Not sure what price your yearly plan expiring in February is locked into, but, as @WildBill suggested, you may want to consider looking at a cost comparison of having all 6 cams on your current annual plan that renews in February vs placing all 6 on an Unlimited plan in February when it expires.

6 cams @ ? $ annually = ? vs 99 cams @ $99 annually

If you add 2 cams to the February expiration subscription thru the website today, it should only charge you the prorated amount for the two cams from now until the expiration date (don’t add another subscription, just add cams to the current subscription that expires in February). Then, in February, all 6 cams on that subscription will auto renew for the locked in annual price x6.

If the unlimited plan makes more financial sense for 6 cams, add the 2 cams to the current subscription as outlined above to get you thru until February. A few days before that expiration date, purchase an Unlimited subscription, unassign the 6 cams from the February expiring subscription, assign the 6 cams to the Unlimited subscription, and then terminate the 6 cam subscription. When your other subscriptions come up for expiration in a year, you can then assign them to the Unlimited subscription and cancel the old subscriptions before they auto renew.

Thanks guys. I was trying to find out if they’d prorate it or not. And I couldn’t find the price for the unlimited plan. I couldn’t remember how they did it before when I added another cam to that one plan. I thought I had taken advantage of the one-time deal they had for $49.99/yr for 4, but I guess not. Oh well. For the 4, I’m currently paying $14.99 per cam. If I add the other two I just cancelled to that plan, it’ll be $90. right there. Heck, I might was well get the unlimited plan then. Yeah, I can just get that plan in January and assign those cams to that and all the other ones as they’re ready to renew/expire.

Thanks again.