Quality depends on which way the camera faces

Ok so first post because most everything is already out there with a little searching, this however I have had no luck finding any answers for.

Has anyone else experienced a Wyze Cam Pan only getting good quality picture when the camera faces a certain way? The kb/s are almost constantly above 100 facing one way but as soon as the camera is panned 90° (give or take) it drops to single digit kb/s if not 0.0kb/s. Does anyone have any idea why this could be or has anyone experienced it and found a reason/fix for it?

The camera isn’t but 30 feet from the router and only 1 wall separates it.

I also have 3 other Pan’s (2 are further away) that do not seem to have this issue. Had a support ticket opened on this and they sent a new camera and it seemed to do the same so I thought it was possibly getting interference from something so I completely moved the location of the camera and noticed when it faces the same way it was in the previous location it drops to hardly any kb/s.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated.