QR code scan problem

I’m going to use words that won’t get my post flagged but make no mistake, I’m seriously perturbed.
I recently had to get a new router and change the SSID. I’m now at the point where I have to re-add all 4 cameras, 3 sensors, 3 bulbs and 1 motion. I’ve attempted one camera in this perplexing and aggravating process and it’s made me realize just how much I loathe the QR Code scan.
Read: ‘ ugh’
The QR code setup is always a tedious and frustrating process. Yes, I know how far the phone needs to be from the camera but it never fails that it takes FOREVER to get it working and sometimes when it does scan, the connection times out. This can take 30 minutes to add one wyze device! And, no, this isn’t isolated to one camera. This happens with every camera.
A different process for adding cameras would be nice. The QR code scan thing seems like one of those ‘oh cool, just hold your phone up to it and bada-bing-bada-boom. Done!’ things but I’d venture to guess it doesn’t work out that way for most people.
I’m speaking from a non-developer viewpoint so please forgive any lapses in logic with these ideas. With that said…
A couple ideas:
1-adding cameras like you do the bulbs/sensors but instead of flashing, have the voice prompt you.
2-Hub. Give us an option to add a $50 hub to our routers so we can add wyze devices via software.

This QR code has always been a blindspot for me in the wyze user experience. I dread it.

This might be too late, but I would have used the same SSID for the new router. Saves having to re-register everything. My experience is that QR code scanning is pretty reliable, not perfect, but reliable enough. It takes less than 10 seconds in mine.

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