Q for WyzeGwendolyn - Wyze Sense RF

Q for WyzeGwendolyn or other Wyze people on the forum - which CC1310 wireless protocol is used with Wyze Sense? Is it GFSK or the proprietary long-range protocol at 868 kHz? I’d know already if I didn’t want to pay $75 for a packet-sniffer dongle. I’m interested because I am working on building some of my own IOT devices using a LaunchPad CC1310 development board, and want to avoid any conflicts, thanks.

Oh, and packet length would be appreciated, too, thanks.

Neither. This may or may not help:




Thanks. Gotta admit, I was lazy and didn’t do an FCC lookup. They’re using the 915 MHz band, one of the two operating frequencies. Doesn’t specify the protocol or packet info, however. Hopefully, someone from Wyze will provide that. I’d like to be able to log packets if I could. I can always use a sniffer if the info isn’t provided.

Oh, and thanks for the Git link, will check that out, the info is probably there.

Oh, that’s the USB protocol in the Git project, not what I’m looking for, but thanks.

Yeah, I couldn’t easily find the RF data, but I figured that being able to talk to the chip via USB might make it easier to RE if you had to. Someone should know tho, it isn’t unchartered territory.