Details of RF for Wyze Sense Products

I’m looking to integrate Wyze Sense products into Home Assistant with the minimal amount of delay possible. IFTTT has too much inherent delay and is an unreliable intermediary. My preference would be to have a directly accessible API to use, however from reading other posts on the Forums, an API seems to be a low priority for Wyze on their road map. Therefore the only solution that I can think of is to reverse engineer the RF sent between the bridge and Sense devices. I unfortunately have zero experience with this approach. The FCC listing says the RF frequency is between 907.8 - 908.2 MHz, I’ve also read some information on the Internet (super trustworthy place to get info) about the modulation being FSK. I’ve made an attempt to capture the RF from a RTL-SDR and a WYZE contact sensor, but due to my limited knowledge and experience in this area, can’t really do much more. Are there any details that Wyze can share about the encoding used for the RF signals in Wyze Sense and how to interpret what I’ve captured? I can understand if this information is meant to be kept proprietary, and if that is the case, thanks for your time!

Hey Bubbabob,

If you look on the Wyze app, on the Store section, Wyze Sense → Details → Tech Specs → Sensor Communication Method:

915MHz RF

While it is hidden, it is there. Not listed on the website. Be sure to use the Wyze app.